What is Docker?

Imagine you're a chef and you want to make a pizza. You have all the ingredients ready: the dough, the sauce, the cheese, and the toppings. Now, you could make the pizza directly on the oven, but what if you want to make a bunch of pizzas with different toppings? You'd have to clean the oven every time and that's just no fun. So, instead, you decide to use a bunch of mini-ovens that you can stack up and use separately. Each mini-oven has its own temperature control and its own pizza stone, so you can make different pizzas at the same time without any mess. That's basically what Docker does! It lets you create little "containers" for your applications, each with its own dependencies and settings, so you can run multiple apps on the same computer without them interfering with each other. It's like having a bunch of mini-kitchens that you can use independently, without having to worry about cleaning up in between. Plus, you can easily share your containers wi

SQL Inner Query Alias And Join

 use sample_first_db; select * from sample_first_db..customers; select * from sample_first_db..[orders]; -- april may month customers order count --step 1 select *, month([order date]) mnth from orders where month([order date]) in (4,5) --step2 select [customer id], mnth, count(distinct [order id]) cnt from (select *, month([order date]) mnth from orders where month([order date]) in (4,5)) a group by [customer id],mnth --step3 select [customer id],MONTH([order date]) as month, COUNT(DISTINCT [order id]) count from orders  where MONTH([order date]) in (4,5) group by [customer id],MONTH([order date]) select [customer id], case when months = 4 then 'April'  When months = 5 then 'May' end as month_name, counts from (select [customer id], MONTH([order date]) as months,  COUNT(DISTINCT [order id]) counts  from orders  where MONTH([order date]) in (4,5)  group by [customer id],MONTH([order date]))inner_table; -- inner table alias name use. use

SQL Joins - inner join, left join, right join, full outer join, cross join

 drop table if exists table1; create table table1(id VARCHAR(30)); insert into table1 (id) values (1), (2), (3), (4), (5), (null) --insert into table1 values ('hello') --error in joins if in on condition we use this table with other interger value table -- not error if we use only table 2 interger value with integer. = 2;  --like tihs select * from table2 left join table1 on = 2; select * from table1; drop table if exists table2; create table table2 (id integer); insert into table2 (id) values (2), (2), (6), (4); --insert into table2 (id) values ("hello"); select * from table2; select * from table1; select * from table2; --inner join select * from table1 inner join table2 on =; select * from table1,table2 where =; select * from table1 cross join table2 where =; -- error if we use "on" in crossjoin. use where clause with crossjoin. --iner join on = cross join where = same result se

The Truth - 3 skills actually required to get Data Analyst job and internship in 2023?

There are many misconceptions related to the data analyst job profiles. That you need to learn hardcore programming, maths, and machine learning algorithm to get a data analyst job in 2023. Some people also mix these 3 filed quite frequently. Data Analysis, Data Science, and Data Engineering. Skills to become data analysts in 2023 Excel SQL Tableau/Power-Bi. That's it. And if you have the below skills that would be an advantage. Python Statistics


SQL is a standard language for storing, manipulating and retrieving data in databases. Our SQL tutorial will teach you how to use SQL in: MySQL, SQL Server, MS Access, Oracle, Sybase, Informix, Postgres, and other database systems.

Book Review - Cuts and Bruises: Soul stirring stories from surgery school by Dr. Shivam Pandya

This book is a collection of Dr. Pandya's experiences with various kinds of patients and the difficulties government doctors often face in order to treat a patient. In this book, there are emotional roller roaster real incidences short stories. but there is a happy ending also. Some of my favorites dialogues from these stories are below. "Paisa to kabhi bhi aa jayega saahab, ladki nahi aayegi wapis" "Sir, you are discharging that patients against his will." "Justice, Justice and Justice, I want it". "Eat when you can, sleep when you can, and don't mess with the pancreas.  Provoked Pancreas = Poking tiger with a stick" I want to ask Dr. Pandya what had happened after he found out his wife is three months pregnant? There is also an interesting story about the cover page in this book. What happens when a penniless cook lands up at your doorstep with an infection in his leg? How would you feel if your actions led to someone from your profes

Did you know? Is Valentine is really Saint or Saitan ? "Valentine's day" is named after 'Saint' Valentine.

Did you know? "Valentine's day" is named after Saint Valentine. He was a Christian bishop and a physician. He refused to treat his own fatally sick mother because she would not give up her belief in pagan God Jupiter and get baptized. The disease killed her!  According to the Catholic Chronicle Legenda Aurea (compiled in c. 1275 CE), Saint Valentine was described as a "destroyer of non-Christian pagan idols" Valentine was abusing Non-Christian Gods & creating communal conflict. He was jailed. Romans promised to release him if he toned down. "What is your opinion on (our) Gods Jupiter & Mercury"- they asked. ' "Wretched and foul men. Filthy. Carnal. Of filthy birth'-He answered Source: