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Fibonacci Series day but Fibonacci calls it "Indian Series" | Find Out Truth | 0,1,1,2,3,5,8,13...

Today, the World celebrates the Fibonacci day. "Fibonacci sequence is nature's code. It is in everything from flowers to storm systems to the shape of galaxies"- they said, crediting Mr. Fibonacci for this "discovery" Yet, they failed to acknowledge their very source. Thread (1) As a student, I was quite fascinated by the Fibonacci treatise. Specifically, I was working on its closed-form expression and its relation to Golden Ratio. I brought a copy of Fibonacci's book "Liber Abaci" to see how the master himself derived it. His introduction SHOCKED me In the introduction to his book, Fibonacci (c. 13th century CE) makes the following revelations 1) "I am the son of an official working in Bugia, Algeria". 2) There was a colony of Indian Merchants in that city. 3) "It was there that I was introduced to Indian Mathematics". Fibonacci further says- " I loved Indian Mathematics to such an extent above all others that I completely