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Popularity of Sanskrit on rise in Western World.

Sanskrit fever grips Germany: 14 universities teaching India's ancient language struggle to meet demand as students clamour for courses. - DailyMail,2015 According to a list of institutes offering Sanskrit made available at the University of Iowa in the US, many institutions in the US and Europe offer Sanskrit studies. Will Germans be the eventual custodians of Sanskrit, its rich heritage and culture? If the demand for Sanskrit and Indology courses in Germany is any indication, that’s what the future looks like. Unable to cope with the flood of applications from around the world, the South Asia Institute, University of Heidelberg, had to start a summer school in spoken Sanskrit in Switzerland, Italy, and - believe it or not - India too. “When we started it 15 years ago, we were almost ready to shut it after a couple of years. Instead, we had to increase strength and take the course to other European countries,” said Professor Dr. Axel Michaels, head of Classical Indology at the uni

Varna-sankara and Inter Caste Marriage.

Varna-Sankara and Inter Caste Marriage. Many people use this term without understanding its meaning, in this thread, I will try to explain what is Varna-Sankara and is it related to Inter Caste marriages. First, let's look at Manusmriti - Those born out of "Adultery", among "Same varna" or different Varna, those born out of "incest", or those born to people who have neglected their duties Are called "Varnasankaras" Manusmriti(10.24) See Medhatithi's comment- So according to this if a Brahmin does not perform the duties of a Brahmin then children born to them are also Varnasankaras. This also proves that Varna is indeed karma/quality-based and not Birth based because neglecting the duty of own Varna also makes children born to them as Varnasankaras. But how is it related to inter-caste marriage? In today's times "Caste" just represents a Varna system that got rigid with time, these Castes do not represent real Varnas which ar

Caste discrimination in Mahabharata. Bust a Myth

These are two famous Myths here which I will debunk in this thread. 1. Eklavya was discriminated against because of his caste Wrong there is no Caste issue in this story. Drona Specifically said he needed Students who possess good qualities. He did not take students who possessed bad qualities n Now let's see eklavya, he was actually covered with filth and was very dirty. Those who cannot maintain even basic hygiene can they responsibly use the weapons they possessed? शौच (Hygiene) was the first thing taught to a child at that time most basic, Lacking that meant he was not worthy of learning. He did learn in the forest and he misused that too by shooting arrows in the mouth of an innocent dog. As he was not worthy Drona asked for his thumb. Karna also was not discriminated against because of his Caste, Sutas used to study Vedas, Smritis, Puranas, etc at that time, they were not discriminated against. Mahabharat Shanti Parva- Also, Same Eklavya later attacked Dwarka and was defeated

why Karna from Mahabharata was denied education and had so many curses? Bust a Myth

It is a MYTH that Karṇa was denied an education. The original Mahābhārata clearly says Karṇa was a pupil of Droṇa along with Pāṇḍavas & Kauravas.   It also says that as a pupil, Karṇa defied Arjuna out of Jealousy. That Arjuna became the foremost of Drona's pupils in archery Those asking me for "source" must read the Vyāsa Mahābhārata (Ādi Parva 1.142) instead of relying on TV serials and neo-folklore. Karna was of course a great warrior and nobody can deny it. In Mahabharata, Krishna himself praises Karna's bravery several times (especially in the beginning of Karna Parva). However, that doesn't mean he wasn't without faults. He is a complex character   Source:  It is a MYTH that Karṇa was denied education. The original Mahābhārata clearly says Karṇa was a pupil of Droṇa along with Pāṇḍavas & Kauravas. It also says that as a pupil,Karṇa defied Arjuna out of Jealousy. That Arjuna became the foremost of Drona's pupils in archery

Was Paraśurāma a medieval character interpolated into Epics & Puranas? Bust a Myth

I am reading to my utter shock some claims on twitter that Paraśurāma was a medieval character interpolated into Epics & Puranas. This is especially surprising because Parashurama has Vedic roots. His name was Rama Jamadagnya and he was the composer of a Sukta of Rigveda Samhita According to Rgveda Sarvānukramaṇi, Rāma Jāmadagnya ( Rāma the son of Jamadagni) was composer of Rgveda Sukta ( Aprisukta) 10.110 of 11 verses in Triṣṭubh Chandas. It is as Rāma Jāmadagnya rather than "Paraśurāma" that he is primarily known in Vālmīki Rāmāyaṇa & Mahābhārata Paraśurāma was a great Rishi. If he beheaded his mother, it was only because he was bound by the words of his father. The first boon he asked his father was the restoration of his mother's and brothers' lives and complete forgetfulness of the incident. That was his love for mother If Paraśurāma had opposed the words of his father, Jamadagni's anger would not have been appeased and he would have cursed Paraśurāma


Cultural appropriation is ubiquitous in India, especially in southern states with its full potential. Christian missionaries are converting Hindus, malevolently, by subterfuge! This thread details few cunning moves by the Christians in Kerala and in other neighboring states. 1. In Kerala, the Bible is called "Sathya Veda pusthakan" means True Vedic textbook! It is quite unbecoming that the bible, the new testament, became a Vedic textbook during the the course of time😳. In the forthcoming sections, I will show various customs followed in our Hindu temples are copied by, just, replacing the Hindu symbols with the corresponding ones in Xtianity! The left panel is for Hindu customs and the right one is for the Xerox! 2. We have our "Bhagavad Geetha". Now copycats have "Kristu Bhagavad Geetha" written by D. Babu Paul. We have "Shri Maha Bhaagavatham" - known as Bhagavatha Maha Purana, which is one of our 18 great Puranas. They have "Kris