why Karna from Mahabharata was denied education and had so many curses? Bust a Myth

It is a MYTH that Karṇa was denied an education. The original Mahābhārata clearly says Karṇa was a pupil of Droṇa along with Pāṇḍavas & Kauravas.  

It also says that as a pupil, Karṇa defied Arjuna out of Jealousy. That Arjuna became the foremost of Drona's pupils in archery

Those asking me for "source" must read the Vyāsa Mahābhārata (Ādi Parva 1.142) instead of relying on TV serials and neo-folklore.

Karna was of course a great warrior and nobody can deny it. In Mahabharata, Krishna himself praises Karna's bravery several times (especially in the beginning of Karna Parva). However, that doesn't mean he wasn't without faults. He is a complex character 



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