Is Mughals invented Rakhi in 18th century ? Balant lies by “Eminent Historian” Rana that Mughals invented Rakhi festival: True Indology

This "eminent historian" declares that Mughals invented Rakhi in 18th century. Such blatant lies contradict every available primary source. Anyone having elementary knowledge would laugh at these factually incorrect lies. But in India such authors are promoted by establishment.

To begin with, "historian"
@iamrana's claim is factually INCORRECT. No, Shah Alam II DID NOT invent Rakhi. 200 years BEFORE Shah Alam II, Hindus of Delhi celebrated Rakhi with great fervor. Abul Fazl describes it as "greatest festival of Hindus" [From: Ain-I-Akbari Vol.3]

Rakhi has been celebrated by Hindus at least since 1000 years. In 1273 CE, Brahmins celebrating Rakhi were massacred by a Mμslim army. The great Rajput king Rao Siha died fighting those invaders. To this day, these Brahmins do not celebrate Rakhi as a mark of respect for victims

This "historian" says Alamgir II was killed and his body was thrown in Yamuna. A Hindu woman protected his body in the next morning and started the practice of tying Rakhi This story is NOT FOUND in any contemporary sources. NOT FOUND in any Mughal document. It is a FAKE story.

An observation. In Medieval India, Rakhi was not celebrated not just by brothers and sisters. Brāhmaṇas used to tie Rakhi to Kshatriyas and other Varṇas. As far as I know, such customs are out of vogue in today's India. Our old festivals promoted inter-community bonding.

PS- Bazm e Akhir that is allegedly the "source" of this story is not even a contemporary source. It was written 126 years after the incident. Even Bazm E akhir does not know of any Ram Kumari tying Rakhi to Shah Alam. This story is secularist porn without any basis in history.


Rana Safvi -

My apologies for hurting your sentiments dear "anonymous historian" but this story was a misprint by
@livemint. It was corrected on my insistence. And this story is from an1865 urdu account. I suggest you read both carefully.

True Indology -

WRONG! Bazm E Akhir was published in 1885, NOT 1865. It was written 126 years after the alleged event in post Mughal colonial period. Even Bazm E Akhir does not know of any Ram Kumari tying Rakhi to Shah Alam. This story is secularist porn without any basis in history!


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