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@sankrant Concept of "laity religion" is absurd and inappropriate. My relatives are absolutely identical to me in everything including the mode of worship. Except that they also worship Sufi graves. Since we are the laity and of one community, should I conclude that Hinduism and Sufism are the same?

@sankrant Just as Sufism doesn't become identical to Hinduism because there is an intersection between Sufi and Hindu laity, Buddhism doesn't become identical to orthodox scriptural Hinduism. Of course, Buddhism shares a lot with Hinduism but there is really no point in denying the distinction.

@sankrant Al Beruni was a foreigner and he could not differentiate between Indians even if his life depended on it. He faithfully recorded the first-hand information received from Kashmiri informants. There is no "Islamic lens".

@sankrant A cursory glance at Medieval tantric Buddhist literature will show us many polemics directed at Vedas and Brahmins. We will be hardpressed to find a single Hindu sect indulge in such polemics. It only validates Al Beruni's statement that (tantric) Buddhists hated the Brahmans.

@primeargument @sankrant One can simultaneously be a Hindu and Sufi ( as my relatives are). We actually use the word Panth for Sufi teachers in our language. Don't be stuck in just terms. No term of English language is a direct equivalent of no term of the Indian language. Even the words "Hindu" and "Buddhist".


@sankrant I think you (and "Balu") should thoroughly read up the literature and history of Pre Modern India to understand the "sectarian" dynamics. You will see that your entire argument is ignorant and pointless. You take exception to the word "religion"(which you yourself have brought in).

@sankrant You take exception to the word "religion" but are happy using the word "tradition" in Indian contexts. "Tradition" also has strong Christian implications. Irrespective of whether you call it religion or tradition, the fact is there have been many conflicts, at times violent.

@sankrant My point: There was a clear distinction between Vaidika and Bauddha sampradaya. You brought in religion and yourself are refuting it. Whatever word you use to call it, conflicts between communities were the reality of the day Here is Buddhist Virapurishadatta trampling a linga.

@sankrant 4) Hindu "tradition" and Bauddha "tradition" ( as you choose to call it) were at times in violent conflict with each other. When Buddhist king Duttagamini invaded Tamilnadu, he spared Buddhist civilians and killed non-Buddhist Tamil civilians.

@sankrant Duttagamini was glorified in the Mahavamsa. According to Buddhist texts, his acts only accrued merit because killing a non-Bauddha is equivalent to killing a mosquito. The choice is yours to use whichever word you like. The undeniable truth is conflicts between communities. Ending it here.

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