Savarkar was NOT among first supporters of 2 nation theory. Find Out Truth

Savarkar was NOT among the first supporters of 2 nation theory

Sir Syed Ahmad Khan in 1876 - "I am now convinced that Hindus and Muslims could never become one nation as their religion and way of life was quite distinct from each other". 

This was even before Savarkar was born.

Sir Syed Ahmad Khan, the founder of Aligarh Muslim University declared in 1876 (Banares) - "Hindus and Muslims are two distinct nations. They could never be one nation " The roots of two-nation theory (Darul Harb/Darul Islam) are in existence for 1300 years, long before Savarkar


Savarkar was misquoted on that day (14 August 1943)

He clarified that the press misquoted him & he never supported Jinnah's Pakistan theory on the very next day.

He appealed to the press to issue a correction to their bulletins. But they never bothered to correct themselves until today

If we judge Savarkar by what contemporary journalists of those days said (who also followed the same practice of deliberately misquoting leaders they want to bring down and not correcting themselves), we lose the right to complain when people judge Modi by what NDTV says

A week later (23 August 1943), Savarkar published another clarification-

Savarkar-"I have been misquoted. I claimed that two-nation theory exists. 

Instead of reporting this, journalists simply misreported that I accept two-nation theory. A storm has been raised on this issue"


What does Savarkar mean by the "two-nation theory' Savarkar says- "Muslims are a nation. Islam never had geographical boundaries. Wherever Muslims went, they were a nation. As per Islam, the world is divided into two nations. Darul Harb and Darul Islam. Islam doesn't tolerate nationalism"


So yes, according to Savarkar, Islam divides the world into two nations and Islam demands that Muslims create a separate nation for themselves (Pakistan in our case). But, does Savarkar agree with the demand of (Darul) Islam/ Pakistan and "support Jinnah"? HELL NO!


So, no.  No such thing ever happened! Savarkar never supported Jinnah in his Pakistan demand.


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