Understanding Yog Part 2

First learn what is yoga is, yoga what we see now is just aasana. a complete yoga also include chanting of mantra, surya namaskar, medication, raising your kundalini. all these concept are incompatible with abrahmic religion and are dharmic/religion in nature. - Rohit Om

Don't know why they still call it Yoga. They should simply call it a workout. Yes, THEIR yoga is not Hindu. Its purpose is just to boost their physique. The Purpose of real yoga(योगः चित्त वृत्ति निरोधः) is getting above physique, materialism, and breaking out of mundane bonds. - True Indology

Why blame the west when our own guru (if Sri Sri calls himself a Hindu guru) are at forefront of calling yoga as a non-Hindu secular (areligious) practice. this is Dinesh from Art of Living, where he is mocking trueindology.

In the early colonial period, Jesuit missionaries declared both Yoga & surgery were "Hindu abomination". While they continue to treat Yoga as such, they've adopted surgery & no longer talk about its Hindu roots. Why? If you reject Yoga for its Hindu roots, please reject surgery too.

Really? In Gita, Krishna says he was the founder of Yoga & its first teacher. He says Yoga without devotion to him is fruitless. According to Yoga Sutras, Svādhyāya(the study of Vedas) is called "Niyama" without which Yogic practice is INCOMPLETE. Yoga is EVERY INCH Hindu

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