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Ayurvedic view of the doshas is important in mental health also. High Vata dosha causes worry, fear and anxiety. High Pitta results in anger, aggression and jealousy. High Kapha causes desire, attachment and greed. Keep your doshas in balance to protect your mind as well. International Media : BBC, CNN and New York Times. 1. Hathras case : They mentioned 'upper caste' men. Ok fine. 2. Balrampur case: They mentioned 'two men', not men from 'minority community'. Dear Taiwanese people, Taiwan is and will always be an independent country. Happy Taiwan National Day. We Indians support ROC (Republic of China). It is easy to mock traditions but remember it take generations to build one. We dedicate our lives for it & we will do anything to protect it. जो बाप नहीं वो ओलाद का दर्द क्या जाने जो किसान नही वो खेती का दर्द क्या जाने direct attack on joy ride of dynast politician. Indian Army is estimated to have 6,000-7,000 pieces of 3 decades old Dragunov Sniper Rifle (DSR). SSS Defence has come out with an upgrade, which will not only increase its range to 1.2 kms from existing 800 mtr but also add night-firing capability. Curious Case of #Hathras Rightwards arrowPost-mortem Report says - No Rape Rightwards arrowForensic Report says -No Rape Rightwards arrowMother changed Statement Thrice Rightwards arrowPhone Conversation of a journo & Mother discussing Money Rightwards arrowThe woman whom Priyanka Gandhi hugged turned out to be Fake Bhabhi Rightwards arrowRefusal to Narco. This song was originally dedicated to #FakeNaxalBhabhi before Bollywood snatched it for themselves. They are named after Sitaram Yechury. A lot was said about how @myogiadityanath admin stopped journalists and others from meeting the #Hathras victim’s family. If restrictions were so bad, how did #FakeNaxalBhabhi travel from Jabalpur to Hathras n pretend to be the victim’s relative for a week and no one knew? Secularism imposed on Hindus has trickled down to a point where Lynching& burning of Hindu Sadhus & Pujaris Lynching hindu boys to death, attacking hindus for doing Puja has become an accepted norm for all pillars of democracy Nobody evn reacts to such news Where r we heading? Just ordered thisDown pointing backhand indexbook by @skdh . It upsets that there has not been a major breakthrough in foundations of physics, or in any branch of science, for nearly half a century. An ever fascinating question: WHAT IS LIFE? Science has yet to find answers to such fundamental questions. Periods छुपाने वाली बात नहीं क्योंकि दाग अच्छे हैं .listen to the beautiful msg and retweet so that conversations are started and the mental trauma through which a menstruator has to go through becomes thing of the past ! #menstruationmatters #Mentalhealth Have you been cutting your pineapple the right way? Here's how you can open it with your bare hands ; That's what the video shows! Our greatest war is not against the enemy outside but the enemies within. There is only one way to deal with an enemy, you crush it and everything that makes the enemy, an enemy. No mercy. Or they will crush us. Yesterday A Kolkata police sergeant was beaten by security personnel of a TMC leader. 1st his bike was hit by TMC leader's car then his security personnel thrashed him. These Intelectuals have done phd in Hypocrisy When Victim is Hindus they will keep Mum When Victim is Muslim they will cry out loud #justiceforrahulrajput Many Indians are asking me to celebrate #TaiwanNationalDay. To those Indians, kindly note we Pakistanis don't have money to celebrate our own National Day, how can you expect us to celebrate Taiwan's National Day. Hain!! A BOY was eating CHOCOLATE, he took ONE more & then another A man next to him said "Do U know tht too much of it will damage UR teeth?" BOY :"My grandfather lived for 100 yrs" MAN :"Was it because of eating chocolate?" BOY : No, he always MINDED his own business! Face with tears of joyRolling on the floor laughing "Om Mangalam Bhagwan Vishnu ..." - @akshaykumar hears the Holy Mantra whenever he is nude - either in bed with a woman or in bathroom. Film Kambakkht Ishq by producer, writer, director, dialogs shared between Sajid Nadiadwala and Sabbir Khan. Why doesn't he hear Azaan?