RUDRAM Missiles, 8 Indian Beach #BlueFlag certification, Bollywood or Karachiwood and Bharatanatyam






8 Indian beaches  -


India test-fires 10 missiles in 35 days. Just 2 days ago, DRDO successfully tested the new-generation anti-radiation missile RUDRAM. And now, India is preparing to test-fire its Nirbhay subsonic cruise missile.

A religious school in Kashmir's Shopian has come under the scanner, after 13 of its students have been found to have joined the terrorist groups. Sajjad Bhat who was an accused in Pulwama attack, was also a former student of this religious school.

A British school textbook linked Hinduism to terrorism. After protest & huge backlash from Indian community in UK, publisher withdrew the book.

8 of India’s serene beaches get the prestigious Blue Flag Certification. This showcases the importance India attaches to protecting such spots and furthering sustainable development. Truly a wonderful feat!

This NCERT text calls Jaziya a tax paid to gain the "right to be protected" by Muslims. Why did Hindu Bharat need it? Who're involved in schooling young, impressionable minds into treating the oppressive,dehumanizing Jaziya as favorable? This is not just sick.This is pure evil.

- 203 people & activists signed & moved mercy petition for 26/11 Pakistani terrorist Ajmal Kasab. - 65 Members of Parliament have written letters to Obama, urging the US pres to deny VISA to Modi. #NeverForgetNeverForgive #RememberTheNames

- 49 Eminent Personalities write to PM Modi over Lynchings, use of Jai Shri Ram as 'War Cry'. - 250 Activists, academicians condemn abrogation of Article 370, accuse Modi govt of using “majoritarian populism”.

- 300 eminent personalities moved petition to save 1993 Mumbai Blast convict, Terr'orist Yakub Memon. - 77 people including Writers, Academician, Film Makers returned Awards against 'Intolerance'.

- 300 Eminent personalities in India, signed and issued an open statement against the CAA. - 34 Producers & 4 Film associations move HC to refrain Republic & Times Now from putting Remarks on Bollywood.

Plants of different varieties are more honored and used in Hindu Dharma than in any religion in the world. Whether lotus, tulsi, mango, ashvattha, sandalwood, marigold, jasmine, hibiscus, the list is endless. Pujas in particular are celebrations of flowers.

Your child's future is linked to the nation's future. Don't compromise it for few pennies. If your interest goes against national interest, change your interest.

. @dhruv_rathee is a member of AAP IT Cell since 2017. Here AAP IT Cell head @FromBhaskar introducing him. Archived- h/t @NasiAkshay

RCB fan telling why RCB will win IPL this year. #IPL2020

We need to encourage the fanatic mindset to pause & peep into their origin, into the progressive & fluid vastness of #SanatanDharma We need to welcome those who wish to return Home! That’ll be the best way forward! One Bharat #AkhandBharat