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@AnOpenLetter001 Two tweets from today! BJP ki rally me COVID dikhta hai aur Tejaswi ki rally me sirf votes! Ye soch ke hasi aati hai ki social media ke pahle tak log inki baato ko seriously lete the! Sagarika ghose

11 aug: #SanjayDutt's bad health was announced. Media said it was cancer. 12 aug: sadak 2 trailer came and still broke records in dislike. 16 oct: #sanjayDutt announced start of shooting for KGF 2 21 oct: his lung cancer is cured! truly magical, just like movie #Sanju

A 24-year-old woman was brutally stabbed to death by her boyfriend Syed Mustafa and his brother in Hyderabad. According to her father Raj Kumar - Woman was a volunteer in People's for animal society. She befriended Syed Mustafa who was also a volunteer of the society.

ISIS' magazine 'Voice of Hind' announced: 1. ISIS will avenge Babri Masjid demolition. 2. ISIS stands with anti CAA protestors.

Bhakti Yoga is not about mere human emotion. It is about raising one's level of feeling and knowing beyond any mere creaturely concern to an inner communion with the Cosmic Divine.

Ma Durga arises from Agni and the power of Tapas according to the Upanishadic Durga Sukta and its ancient Vedic verses. That Agni is the fire of Consciousness, Chidagni, of which the Universal Mother is the power of Consciousness, Chit-Shakti.

Konark Sun Temple, An epitome of divine energy and Hindu pride.. since many millenia

@MNageswarRaoIPS Today Oct 21st is Police Commemoration Day On this day in 1959 brave CRPF men made supreme sacrifice at Hot Springs in China border Every year 100s of police persons sacrifice their lives for our safety Police sacrifice their today for our better tomorrow I SALUTE ALL POLICE

@meenakshisharan During #Navratri after tritiya, along with Devi Durga, Lakshmi Ma is worshipped till shashthi. The last three days are dedicated to #SaraswatiPooja #SaraswatiUntold Must hear #podcast .

A martyr's son to me "How could money be more important than Motherland for some people?"

Pranav Mahajan @pranavmahajan · Abuse and violence are not only physical, but emotional as well. Both are crime.

Facts @BefittingFacts "Hypocrisy meter broken"

mthn (spy) Smiling face with sunglasses @Being_Humor · .@ErosNow wishing Eid vs Wishing Navratri