ARNAB IS BACK. We condemn Babypenguin hashtag which is trending after Arnab got bail



Ever seen a journalist get a reception like this

Nayak movie to be the reality soon? Thinking face #ArnabGoswami

Incredible! Insane! That's the aura and frenzy created around a staunch nationalist & patriot! The anti-nationals, 10 janpathiyas, lutyens puppets & Arnab's chinese copies can never dream of even 10% of such organic support. CC: Respected @sardesairajdeep @rahulkanwal Quote Tweet

#BharatMataKiJai and #VandeMataram roars #ArnabGoswami. Nationalist Media Se Panga Toh Ho Jayega Nanga!

अर्णब कतई रॉकस्टार जैसे आया है भाय

. then now


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