True Indology is Back and Break the record with 100k Followers within 7 Hours

True Indology is back on Twitter with Name and Face. His new backup account is @BharadwajSpeaks. Still battle is going on to bring back his original account.

10 Days ago Twitter suspended the True Indology account  ( @TIinExile ) without sending any mail notifying suspension of his account and the reason for it. This is a violation of their own rules. 

It has been 10 days since his Twitter account has been suspended, In the middle of an argument, one IPS officer said 'Your time is up' and he has been suspended within 5 minutes. later, a close aide of the IPS officer implied that she was behind the suspension of his account.

True Indology filed an appeal immediately after suspension. After 3 days of account suspension, Twitter has not come back to him. this is another violation of their own rules, Said True Indology on Instagram. 

It has been 10 days since his account has been suspended by Twitter. No reason was given for the suspension and he had not even received a suspension mail. He filed appeals but they have not responded despite the fact that #bringbacktrueindology had trended at #4th worldwide This is a long-drawn-out battle and he will not be giving up. He is sending a legal notice to twitter and two criminal cases have been filed against them for unfair suspension of his account. This is going to take along. In the meanwhile, please follow his back-up account in large numbers. My presence has been desired in this long interim by a lot of people. I am thankful for your support. True Indology posted on Parler and Facebook.

Below are some tweets by Many prominent public personalities, from politicians, police officials, and academics to Bollywood celebrities who have come out in support of True Indology.

Shashank Dixit created a rap song to support the true ideology. 

Two he created a backup account on Twitter and within 7 hours his account cross 100000 followers. and #TrueIndologyIsBack hashtag is treading now on Twitter. at this moment when i finish writing this article, his follower's count is 121k.


Why true Indology account suspended read detail articles.


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