Ellen Page, Elliot and @ZubyMusic Genuine Questions and Discussion.

'Shine sweet E. Love you so much': Ellen Page's wife of two years says 'I support you' as the actor comes out as a transgender male named Elliot

- The 33-year-old Oscar-nominated actor took to Twitter on Tuesday morning to share an emotional statement with the revelation
- It began: 'Hi friends, I want to share with you that I am trans, My pronouns are he/they, and my name is Elliot'
- The Umbrella Academy star's statement also came with changes to the social media account, which is now registered with the username @TheElliotPage
- Elliot has been married to wife Emma Portner, 26, since 2018; Emma voiced her support for her partner on Instagram, writing, 'I am so proud of @elliotpage'
- The actor, who shot to global fame after starring in the 2007 movie Juno alongside Jason Bateman, publicly came out as gay in 2014.

Opening up: The Juno star once known as Ellen Page has come out as a transgender person named Elliot, nearly three years after marrying Emma Portner (seen together in June 2019).

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But @ZubyMusic ask Genuine Questions and discuss with others. he also post one satirical thread on His Height on Twitter. 

Today, I am coming out as 6'5'' Don't you dare ask any questions... Just accept it. I have always been 6'5'' I stand with the tall community. And don't call me a tall person. I prefer the term person of height. For the record, I want to make it clear that I disavow height supremacy in all its forms. As a POH and an ally, I stand in solidarity with people of all heights. Including people of lower altitude and other marginalised communities. The POH and POLA communities can co-exist. But it is not enough to not be heightist. We must be actively anti-heightist. Thanks for coming to my TED talk.

Do you remember when it was shunned to be gay in the 80s and now it is become more normalized? We can go back to this shift and recognize that’s what changed everything. The trans era was sure to follow. Accepting a man being attracted to men, or a woman being attracted to women, does not require anyone to alter or deny objective reality. Totally different things. This just in: Zuby has just realized that a majority of his rabid fanbase are raging homophobes.

why you’re going so hard for this is a mystery. man decides to identify as woman... why on earth do you gaf? Because if we can be conditioned/forced to totally suspend, or even outright deny objective reality (and not be permitted to even question it) then pretty much anything becomes possible. Amazing some people CAN'T see the long term implications of all this. Quote Tweet

It has been shown that different people age at different rates, partially based on genetics, partly on lifestyle choices. So we might be the same technical age, but my DNA age would actually be older/younger. And that's not even exploring the fact that you or I may 'feel' younger This is a brilliant point. 'age' can be deconstructed and detached from 'time since birth' in the same way that liberals detach 'gender' from 'sex'. Thus age identity could be considered malleable and subjective, rather than fixed. We have out progressive-d the progressives.

Because there are actually medical procedures that can allow you to alter your sexual characteristics and sex organs. There are no medical procedures for changing your race or age. But I thought you don't need to undergo any surgeries or treatments to be transgender? Can't one simply identify as such? I am legit trying to find a logical line here... (Also, there are certainly medical procedures that could make you appear to be a different age or race)

. I've had people tell me to 'educate myself' on this topic for the past 5 years... Today, I'm taking the opportunity to learn by asking simple questions. But I'm not learning much. Sir I don't know how you do this all day. My blood pressure is off the charts.

If any man can be acknowledged as a woman (or vice versa) simply by announcing they are, is there any LOGICAL reason why they can't change their age or race? I have never heard a satisfactory, coherent answer to this question... If I can be a woman, why can't I be 25 and white? I eagerly anticipate a logically consistent answer to this question. And calling me a 'phobe' or saying I can't ask this question isn't a satisfactory answer. Educate me.